Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Brat in the Frat Ch 04 - Cherry

The following week was one of those Saturdays when I should have been doing homework but instead found myself in bed, in my underwear, and taking turns with my different social media apps on my phone.  I was doing nothing productive.  I felt great. 

My roommate was gone for the weekend, a trip home to do laundry and visit with his family.  I had none of those urges.  I knew how to use the washer and dryer in the basement of the dorms and hated the idea of explaining myself, where I’m going, what I’m doing, etc. to my parents.

By three o’clock my stomach started to growl with hunger and I started to feel the need to get food.  There weren’t many options for the weekends on campus and I hated the idea of leaving for something.  I checked my wallet and found ten dollars cash.  Enough for one or two meals depending on where I ate.  I sighed at my prospects and was about to get out of bed and start doing something when I got a phone call from Brad.  He was still after me to join the frat even though I kept refusing.  But maybe, just maybe he’d have some motivation and need to get some food.  I answered it on the second ring.

“Hey,” I said.  I was trying to be cool.

“Where you at?”

I looked around my dorm room suspiciously.

“What do you mean?”

“Are you still in the dorms or did you go home for the weekend like everyone else?”

“No, I’m in my dorm room.  My roommate went home for the weekend though.  I’ve just been laying in bed doing nothing all day.  Actually, I’m kind of hungry.”

“Text me your room number and I’ll stop by and then we can go get something to eat,” he replied, “see you in a bit.”

He ended the call and I texted him my room number before I tossed my phone away to the bed.  I looked around at the state of my room, clothes everywhere and I was still in my underwear.  I jumped to my feet, pulled on sweat pants and an old t-shirt that didn’t smell too bad, then began to clean up.  Some of the clothes were Kevin’s so I just shoved them under his bed, mine I stuck in a hamper.  I picked up any trash and stuck it in a bag that I dropped outside my door in the hallway to carry down later.  It was easy work and I was finished with five minutes to spare.  I was back on my phone watching a Halloween video about gay, slutty costumes when he knocked at my door.  I knew it was him because it made me jump at the sound of it, plus who else could it be.  I jumped to my feet, turned the handle, and opened the door to find him there in a tank top and basketball shorts.

“Hi,” I said.

“Hey,” he replied as he stepped into my room.

I could smell his sweat as he passed by, his biceps gleamed in the light.  I gulped and felt my dick stir at the presence of him.  He looked around my room, nodded as if he appreciated that I had cleaned up, and looked to my roommate’s side as if studying a foreign creature, looking for some detail that could prove or disprove something.

“Nice room,” he said.

“Thanks,” I said with a bit of a nervous laugh.  Just his presence was making me anxious and his exposed skin, his sweat.  It was the first time we were together since the party at the frat where we sixty-nined.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“I didn’t have anything to do and I was hoping you might be the same.”

“Yeah, uh take a seat,” I said.

He moved to my desk chair, dropped his gym bag on the floor, and sat.  He spread his knees and turned to me as I moved to my bed.  He stretched a little and winced.  I gave him an enquiring look.

“I over did it,” he said.  “I’ve been hitting the gym extra hard and I played a couple of pick up games of basketball today.”

Was this it?  Was he hinting at some kind of hook-up?  I had an erection at just the sight of him and thinking about engaging in some kind of sexual activity I bit my lip.  He scratched at himself and I could make out the bulge in his shorts.  He must be thinking the same thing but then I had this thought that if we did something, if we mutually used each other for some quick action that would be it.  It would be over, he’d probably leave and then what would happen?

“I can give you a massage.”  The words leaked out my throat before I really thought about it.  And I regretted saying them.


I had to fight my own sense of what I was doing and my stomach pain from hunger gave me a thought for a diversion.

“But I haven’t eaten anything all day.  Are you hungry?”

“Yeah, I’m starving,” he replied.  “What do you want?”

“Well, there’s not many options on campus,” I said.

“I could drive,” he said.

And just like that it shifted.  We were on a new mission for food.  I slipped on a pair of shoes, grabbed my wallet and keys and he got to his feet.

“Are you going out like that?”

“We’ll go through the drive thru,” I replied.

I opened the door to my room, then stepped out into the hallway feeling like I was pulling him along.  He followed.  Down the empty hallway to the elevator, down to the first floor, I kept looking at him and he kept looking at me.  Out of the elevator he took the lead as we walked to the student parking lot that was mostly empty.  He walked to one of the few cars, a Dodge Talon, and unlocked it.  I got into the passenger side and he got into the driver’s seat.  He asked me where I wanted to go and I told him I really wanted burgers and fries but otherwise we fell into a kind of silence and just listened to the music playing from his speakers.

He had a deliberate kind of driving style, fast and attentive.  I sat back in the passenger seat and just went with it.  I barely noticed we had gotten to the drive thru until the person asked for our order.  We ordered nearly the same thing and I pulled my money from my wallet but he told me to just hold onto it and that he would pay.  I put my wallet away and watched him pay with a card at one window then collect the food at the next.  I thought for a moment we’d pull over to eat as he started to pull fries from the bag but we didn’t.  He kept driving.  

The next stop was the liquor store where he ran inside while leaving the car running so I started to eat my own fries.  But I couldn’t help but think of him in his basketball outfit, the way the material clung to his ass and I started to get another erection.  He came back out with a bag that he put behind my seat then we were off again.  He drove us back to campus at top speed.  I kept thinking about how I felt lucky he didn’t get a speeding ticket.  We collected our food and he grabbed the bottle from the backseat, then headed back to my dorm room.

Right after I closed the door he pulled a bottle of whiskey from the bag and opened it.  He poured some into my cup and some into his own.  He asked about where to sit and I motioned to the bed so we sat across from each other on my bed cover, thankfully I had made my bed.  And we started to talk.  Just small talk at first but he told me about coming out in the frat and I told him about coming out in high school.  And then he mentioned his first encounter with a man so I told him about mine, then it kind of became a competition for hook up stories and missed opportunities.  We laughed at ourselves and we laughed at each other as we ate.  

By the time we finished our food our cups were low and the liquor was starting to relax us so when he poured another shot into each cup I simply picked up mine and toasted to him.  He downed his in one go so I did the same.  It felt like we had bonded, like that room, us, that moment, was special.  We didn’t care about what was outside.  We only wanted to entertain each other.  And he cleared his throat, thus clearing the air, before speaking.

“What about that massage?”

“Okay,” I replied.

We cleared the bed, put everything in the trash by my desk, and looked to each other.  “I guess I should strip down,” he said before pulling his jersey off.  He did that two handed at the hem thing, pulled it off easily but it was like a magic trick, a revelation.  I saw his hip bones, flat, muscled stomach, his belly button, his pectoral muscles, his nipples, his clavicle, and then it was off and he tossed it on my desk chair.  He dropped his shorts to reveal he was wearing an old school jock strap with a thick waist band at the top, white, with those straps.  He saw my face and giggled before turning to show his butt and that the straps were between his cheeks like a thong.  I slapped at his butt playfully and he looked over his shoulder to me.

“What?” he asked.

“That’s not how most people wear it,” I said.

“Well, it’s kind of my little secret when I’m out there playing,” he said.

He leaned down and got back onto my bed, spread out face down, stretched until his feet were against the one wall and his hands were easily off the other end, then retracted himself so that his arms were at his sides and he was comfortable.  I felt my erection against my underwear, just the sight of him again.  And the smell of him.  I could smell his sweat.

What had partially been a joke was now a reality and I quickly realized I didn’t have much to massage him with, there was some lotion I kept in the stand by my bed but I started to worry I wouldn’t have enough.  We should have stopped at the store, I thought, but then I remembered it, I remembered my lubricant bottle.  It was in my little black bag, my little black bag of shame, the one I felt guilty about carrying into other men’s apartments.  I retrieved the lotion and put it on the bed between his knees.  I looked to him and saw that he was looking away, totally relaxed and waiting.  I retrieved the black bag, stepped onto the bed, knelt between his legs.  I set the bag behind me just in case he looked back.

I started with the lotion on his shoulders.  He laughed a little when the cold goo hit his skin and I took note to warm it up in my hands first.  I gripped at his skin, pressed into his flesh with my fingers.  I’m not a licensed masseur.  Hell I’ve had very little experience, but this wasn’t about therapy.  I just wanted to feel him, feel each muscle, and so I did.  I worked over his back one dollop of lotion at a time.  And he sighed, I could see his shoulders relax and I heard his breathing slow.

No tattoos, no scars, just a few pimples, I moved down his spine and back up, across his back muscles then down almost to his ass.  I let my fingers drift a little more with each movement until I was near his arm pits.  I moved my fingers down to his lats where he gave out a ticklish squeal.  I couldn’t help but smile at what I had found and explored further around his sides and up to his arm pits I heard his feet move against the sheet and looked back to see his toes slowly squeeze and then snap tight when I got to his arm pits.  He let out a laugh and turned his head to me.

“Watch where you’re going there I’m very ticklish and we don’t want any accidents,” he said.

“Oh no,” I joked.

“I don’t like to lose control,” he said.


“Not like that, it’s humiliating.  The last time I pissed myself I was eight and couldn’t get into the bathroom because my sisters were in there.  My father whooped my butt and told me to use a tree next time.”

I paused for a moment at the confession.  There was so much to unpack from what he said but I knew it wasn’t the time so I shook it off and went back to work.  Slowly, very slowly down his body.  I slid my hand over his butt and he started to look back to me so I went to his thighs where I dug in with my thumbs and started to use real pressure.  I figured his thick, muscled thighs could take it.  He relaxed again and I knew I was on the right track.

Further down his legs, slowly and methodically I worked the tension from each muscle, all of the way to his ankles.  His ankles barely got a coating of oil but the heels of his feet that’s where I applied the pressure and slowly across the arch to the balls of his feet.  For a moment he grunted in pleasure before I hit the wrong spot and he began to squirm and giggle again.

“What’d I say about that,” he said.

“Do you have to pee?” I asked.

“No, I mean yeah, but I’ve got a hard on so not right away, let’s finish this.”

“Well, I’ve just about done everything back here so roll over,” I said.

“I’ve got an erection,” he said.

“I’ve seen it before.  I’ve even sucked it.”

“No, I just want to stay like this,” he said, “do my back again.”

I worked my way up his thighs and I realized he was slowly, deliberately humping the bed in small motions probably hoping I wouldn’t notice.  I slapped his butt playfully and told him to hold still.  He laughed it off.  I massaged his thighs some more until I got to the straps of his jock.

“Maybe we should take this off,” I said.

He lifted up and let me strip it off, but he held himself up there and I could see his asshole, his balls, and his hard dick hanging down at an angle so I did something he didn’t expect, I pulled his dick and balls between his thighs as he went back down to his belly.  I had a new toy to play with but I also had run out of lotion some time ago so I got the bottle of lubricant and started with his balls.  I got them slick with the oil and worked them until they were tight.  

His hard dick was pronounced, leaking a little so I ran my finger down the shaft to the bit of foreskin.  I played with the foreskin a little, felt around the head and pinched it with my slick fingers.  He groaned and moaned with each touch.  I moved up his taint, massaged it, slowly closer to his asshole and he lifted his head in surprise.

“I’m not into that,” he said.  “I don’t get fucked.”

“It doesn’t make you any less of a man,” I offered, “just relax and enjoy it.”

“Just don’t tell anyone,” he said.

“This is just between the two of us,” I replied.

And I made sure my fingers were well lubricated before I got to his asshole.  I passed over it the first time, focused on the muscles around it first until I felt him relax, then I slowly worked one finger into him as I gripped his dick with my whole hand.  He raised up a little then lowered himself so I kept at it.  I continued to stroke his dick slowly as I poured more lubricant onto his hole.  I worked one finger deep until I felt his prostate and I tickled it a little.  He shrieked and squirmed at the sensation but he told me to keep doing it, one knee up slightly I nudged him to him back down on the bed.  I pressed a second finger into him and he took it.

Two fingers of my left hand deep inside his hole I lazily played with his dick and balls, once along the shaft, grip at each nut, once along the shaft, grip at each nut, all the time my fingers inside of him.  He started to hump the bed and I spanked him playfully and told him to let me do it.  I wanted the control.  I wanted to be the one who put him over the edge but I felt him start to buck, his hips followed the motion of my fingers as if he wanted to preserve the feeling of having them inside.  He wanted them.  He wanted me.

“I want to fuck you,” I said.

“Fuck me,” he replied.

I stripped off my clothes, tossed them on the floor.  I paused for just a moment to put on a condom and get my hard on slick before I pulled him onto his knees and I stuck my dick between his cheeks.

“Please, fuck me, I need it,” he said.

Here he was a jock boy who didn’t want to be penetrated begging for my dick, on all fours on my bed in my dorm room.  I slid into him, tight and warm.  I could feel his heartbeat.  I grabbed his dick with my lubricated hand and I felt his hole tighten as I let his dick penetrate my fist.  He moaned and grunted, louder and louder.  I started to pound at his ass and he was throwing it back at me.  It didn’t take long.  I felt his hard dick spasm as he held his breath during his climax, a hot red rocket that covered my sheets in ejaculate, a spray of lust.  And I worked myself inside him, grabbed at him, and a few moments later my own blinding orgasm.

I fell against him and he fell to the bed.  I reached down to the condom and held it as I pulled my dick out of him.  I rolled onto my side.  He rolled into me.  I threw the condom to the floor and he laughed a little as I felt his cheeks against my dick again.  He pulled my arms around his side, my hands up to his nipples that I twisted a little.

“Next time I do the front half,” I said.

“Definitely,” he replied.

And we fell asleep there cuddled together for a few hours.  He woke up before me and got out of bed, used the bathroom and I did the same, but as I was walking back out he was getting dressed.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Chill, don’t worry, it was fun, a lot of fun, but I’m not used to actually sleeping with someone so I’m going back to my room, but I’ll call you in the morning and we should go out for breakfast.  Here I’m leaving you something.”

He held up his jockstrap and tossed it to me like I had done to him before with my briefs.  Is that where we were at?  I caught them and held them up to my nose and sniffed at them.  He laughed a little at the sight of it and I blushed.

“And next time we’re going to invest in some more oils,” he said.

“And lube,” I replied.

He shook his head and got to his feet, fully dressed he moved to me as I stood there naked.  He put one hand on my hip, closed the distance between us, and kissed me briefly on the lips before slapping my ass playfully and pulling away.  He walked out from my room as I began to twirl the jock by one strap from my finger.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Brat in the Frat Ch 05 - Halloween Baby

Deciding to not join the frat but still dating one of its members was the best of both worlds.  I say dating because it wasn’t official.  We had never been on an actual date.  It was more like “friends with benefits” but I knew he wasn’t dating anyone else.  He bragged about the guys checking him out and a few anonymous hookups.  I had seen Ted a few times and didn’t want to stop any time soon.  The difference being is that with Ted there wasn’t an emotional connection but with Brad there was a connection.

He’d send me a late night text before bed and we’d end up in these conversations.  He’d send me a text in the morning just saying, thinking of you, and sometimes throughout the day he’d send me some kind of joke or invitation to meet up later.  And everyone in his frat knew about me.  I’d walk past all of them with a head nod or a, “what up” and they just nodded or said hi.

But that Halloween our relationship changed.  It got deeper.  It all started fairly innocuously a few days before the fraternity’s party while we were playing video games in the main room with one of the other members and a pledge.  The pledge was in his tighty whities of course and the frat bro was chilling shirtless.  I had a near constant erection in my jeans that I did my best to hide.  Brad was next to me and kept teasing me and trying to distract me because I was in the lead on the racing game.

“We should play something you’re not so good at,” he said.

“I can take you on all the games,” I replied.

“Oh, that sounds like a challenge,” the frat bro said.

“Definitely a challenge,” the pledge added.

“Shut up,” the bro said with a smack to the back of the pledge’s head.

“I’d be winning if it were something I am good at.  I don’t like these racing games.  If it were a first person shooter I’d kick your ass.”

Normally I would have let something like this go.  I would have just not said anything.  Maybe he was talking out of his ass and maybe he actually could beat me, it didn’t matter, not to my ego, but there was something about sitting there with the two other guys so I decided to egg him on just a little.

“I’ll beat you on any game, any system, hell even a board game,” I said.

“There’s no way you could take me in Desert GI.  I’m the best at that game.  I have the top score in the frat.”

Yes, they sat around and played video games that much, usually while drinking and/or smoking weed, and I knew he had logged many hours.  But so did I.  Desert GI was like so many of those types of games: a map, a selection of weapons, and lots of running around trying to shoot the other person.

“Oh, I think I could take you,” I said.

“No way,” Brad said, “I’d kick your butt.”

He was in last place in the game we were playing and used his left hand to try and tickle me.  At first it didn’t work but when he got under my arm pit I felt the usual tingle and started to laugh so he dropped the controller and grabbed at me with both hands.  One hand under each pit he tickled until I was on my side and had fallen from first to last, laughing so hard I was nearly out of breath and seriously trying to stop myself from pissing my pants.

“Okay, I give, I give,” he forced from the my throat.

“I didn’t hear you,” he said as he kept at me.

“Please, I give,” I said.

He pulled me up into him and kissed me on the forehead.  I felt his muscled arms around me and my dick was hard again making me forget for a moment about having to piss.  He held me until we looked at each other and agreed that the fun was over.  I looked around at the rest of the guys who didn’t seem to notice, at least not consciously, neither of them were looking at us, but the pledge in his briefs did have a slight erection.  Though of course a horny eighteen year old doesn’t need much of a reason for one of those.  Brad picked up his controller and started to drive again.  He passed me easily and I started after him.

When we finished my dick had shriveled again and I remembered I needed to piss so I got up from the couch.  I looked to Brad who had a smirk on his face from having overpowered me and tickled me until I gave up.  I wanted to one up him at something, maybe even embarrass him a little.

“Okay, when I get back we play Desert GI, just the two of us,” I said, “and we see who’s the best.”

“Oh yeah?” he replied.

“That sounds like a challenge.  You two should make a bet.”

“Yeah, the loser should have to spend the rest of the day in the house in his tighty whities,” the pledge said.

I could see why he would want someone else, especially Brad, to join in his embarrassment of having to walk around the frat his underwear but I shook off the idea.   I wanted something else, something more.  And yet as I tried to think of something I started to worry he might just beat me.

“Winner gets to pick out the loser’s Halloween costume for the party,” Brad said.

“That sounds fun,” the bro said.

I started to sweat.  Was I any good?  Was I better?  The idea of picking out his costume brought a smirk to my face and Brad noticed.  He smiled back for a moment before getting a really serious look as if he was thinking about how he’d dress me.  Would it be my little swim briefs he liked so much?  I could walk around in that all night, hell maybe even get some action out of it.  

“Okay,” I said, “when I get back we’ll play and I’ll take your bet.”

I walked out of the room feeling the pressure of the situation and headed to the downstairs bathroom where I found a different pledge on his hands and knees in a pair of white briefs scrubbing the floor.  I saw his bubble butt, his narrow waist and I got another instant erection.  I love dating a frat bro, I thought, before he turned and looked up to me as if it was no big deal.  I told him I needed the room and he quickly scampered out.  I closed and locked it before looking at myself in the mirror.

Come Halloween night I could be walking around a party full of people in something ridiculous that Brad would pick out.  It would be something humiliating I was sure, but all in good fun.  I had no problem if it were something like I wore swimming or even less, I’d go nude.  I wasn’t embarrassed about my body, not here, not in college. I moved to the toilet, waited until my erection softened and pissed before moving back to the sink and looking at myself in the mirror.  I washed my hands, splashed cold water on my face.  Brad would think up something good but I had to think up something better, I thought, and I started to think through all the costumes I had seen but nothing came to mind right away.  I dried my hands, exited the bathroom and found the pledge waiting there.  I saw his briefs and a thought occurred to me.  Brad walking around in his tighty whities, that would be fun for me and all the pledges but I knew it wouldn’t be embarrassing for him.  But the white shape, I thought of something else, a diaper and I had my idea, Brad dressed as a baby.  I smiled at the pledge who went back to work in the bathroom and went back to the living room where a few other frat brothers and pledges had joined us.  I spotted Kevin, briefs instead of boxers was a change for him but he was living with it, and nodded to him.  He scratched at himself casually and nodded back.

“Okay, we have a little match here,” the frat bro who had been playing with us said, “Peter and Brad in a little grudge match, winner picks the loser’s Halloween costume for the party.  Do either of you have any ideas?”

“I’m thinking Peter has to do full drag,” Brad said, “makeup, wig, and I get to pick out the dress.  Maybe it will be a gown and maybe it will be a mini skirt, I don’t know.”

Everyone laughed a little.  I smirked at Brad and tried my best to not feel intimidated.  I hadn’t thought he’d make me wear a dress.  I was thinking something with very little clothing, maybe no clothing, but a dress, I could pull off a dress, though a miniskirt was a little risky.

“With my thighs?” I retorted, “that might be a little embarrassing-” everyone laughed, “-but worse than that, my costume for you is dressing like a baby-” they kept laughing, “-in a diaper, and a onesie, with a pacifier-” they got louder and I could see Brad was blushing, “-and you even have to carry around a stuffed teddy bear.”
Some of the guys were laughing so hard they were bent in half.  I could tell I caught the pledges imagination and they all chuckled.  Brad was notorious, infamous really, for the way he treated the pledges.  He especially liked to use the paddle and I had heard it was his idea for the guys to go around in their underwear, of course both had been an age old tradition everyone knew about from movies and such so maybe it was just a rumor, but I had seen him with the pledges myself and knew he had high standards, at least for them, so one night in a diaper, who wouldn’t want to see that?

“Let’s do this,” he said.

“Okay, but we don’t sit next to each other, so no cheating,” I said.

The pledge who had been playing with us changed the games and handed each of us a controller.  Brad went back to the couch and I sat on a recliner nearby.  He was quick to go through the menus.

“Wait, how many games?” the bro asked.

We looked around at the guys watching us then to each other.

“Best of three?” I asked.

“Best of five,” he said.

“Okay,” I said.

“Okay,” he replied.

And like that the game started.  It took me some time to get used to the controller and remember all of the functions in the games.  I lost the first round.  But on the second I got lucky and killed him with a head shot that even I would admit wasn’t accurate as per the graphics, but hey a win is a win and he wouldn’t give that up.  Round three was intense, and sweaty, like I was actually sweating, but I won.  If it were best of three I would have won already but as we entered round four I was still glad we were still going because I knew I could have lost too, especially the second round so this was proving something.  I looked to Brad and could tell that he was clenching his jaw.  I planted a claymore mine and led him around in a circle until he got caught in the laser detector, boom he was dead and I won.  I won the game and I could make him dress like a baby.  He threw the controller and stormed off amongst the cheers of his frat bros and pledges who applauded my skill.  I thanked them and pushed my way out of the room after him.  He stomped to his room and slammed the door shut.  I knocked.

“Leave me alone,” he said.

“Please, I’m sorry, we don’t have to go through with it,” I said.

The words just came out.  It was my nature.  I didn’t really want to humiliate him, not if he was so embarrassed.  There is something fun about mischief, a prank, but if both are into it.  Brad was clearly upset.  I knocked again.

“Please,” he said from the other side of the door.

“It’s just me, no rubbing it in, I just want to talk,” I said.

He opened the door and let me into his room but closed it quickly and locked it.  I looked up into his eyes and could tell he’d been crying, probably out of anger, I did that sometimes.  He sat on his bed and I moved to his desk chair.

“We don’t have to do it,” I said.

“No, of course we have to do it.  Everyone knows about it.”

“They’re not going to force you to do it,” I said.  “I can talk to them.”

“No, please don’t say anything,” he said.

“Look it was my bet, I pick the costume, I could do something different,” I said.

“No, just, ugh, it’s not dressing like a baby that’s bothering me.  I think I’d look good walking around in a diaper.”

“What is it then?”

“It’s the stupid game,” he said, “I mean I rarely lose and that second round there’s no way you shot me but it’s not like I would have given up the point so I can’t hold it against you.  It’s just I thought I was going to win so much.  I was playing so intensely and it just, just broke on me.  I had this feeling about what you were doing that last round and I had seen you plant the mine but I just kept chasing you and bam I lost.”

“Oh,” I replied.

We sat there quietly looking at our feet and the floor, playing with our fingers for a long time until he finally spoke up.

“Do you want to fuck?” he asked.

“Do you mean like just, you know, jerk off and fuck around or like...”

“I want you to fuck me,” he said.

I got to my feet and pulled him up, kissed him on the lips, full and penetrative until he gave to my tongue as I pulled off his belt.  I dropped it on the floor and undid his pants, pushed them down with his boxers.  He grabbed at my dick through my jeans and I knew what he wanted.  He wanted my dick.  I pushed him away a little, pulled off his shirt.  I pushed a little and he fell back onto the bed.  I pulled off his shoes, his jeans, and his boxers until he was in his socks.  I stood before him with a grin on my face as I stripped out of my own clothes.  I got lube and condoms from his nightstand.

Buck naked I pushed his knees up as I got onto the bed.  His hole right there for the taking, my dick grazed it before settling over his.  I squeezed them together for a moment before putting the condom over my own.  I squirted lube on my fingers, on my dick, and onto his hole.  I looked down over his muscled body, his abs, his chest, his shoulders, and up into his eyes.

“I want to hear you say it.”

“Fuck me,” he replied.

I played with his hole for just a moment before sticking my dick inside of him.  He had learned to relax since the first time, maybe he was using the dildo I had given him, I didn’t ask.  But he gave to me and I was all the way to my balls in one thrust.  I looked up to his eyes, ran my fingers up his muscled body to his neck and then to his lips that had become red and puffy.  I played with his lips as I began to move slowly in his ass.  I felt him relax under me and give into my dick.  His own dick lay dripping against his abs.  He played with it a little and the stiffer it got the tighter his hole squeezed my dick.  I could feel it grab at me with his heart beat.  I ran my fingers over him, over his chest.  I grabbed at his pectoral muscles and twisted his nipples.

There was the sound of the creak of the bed and slapping of my balls, our breathing, sweat covered our bodies.  This wasn’t a quickie.  I was fucking him good and hard.  I didn’t care who heard.  He didn’t care.  It was just us, our hot, sweaty bodies rubbing against each other, our fingers grabbed at each other.  He wanted me deeper and harder, deeper and harder.  I pulled out, rolled him on his side and went back at him.  He grunted and grabbed a pillow, bit into it.  I felt sweat run down my back, between my own cheeks, all the way to my balls.  I rolled him around and we twisted the sheets with us until he was on top of me.  He had the position of power but he desperately wanted only one thing from me.  He rode me like I was a bull until I felt ready to burst and I rolled him down onto his chest and pushed my dick between his cheeks back into his hot, slick hole.  I felt the climax.  My feet curled as I lay on top of him, inside him, between his cheeks, he breathed deep.  It felt like every part of me only lived in one part, my red hot dick and it was all shooting out of me.  I reached down to my dick and held it as I pulled out and rolled to his side as he rolled onto his back.  I hadn’t noticed but I could see his ejaculate all over his dick, in his pubic hair, and on his stomach.  He must have ejaculated near the same time I did and hands free too, that was a first for me.  We looked to each other and laughed, kissed, and touched at our bodies until we caught our breath.  

“Are we good?” I asked.

“Better than good, and who knows it might be fun to wear a diaper,” he said.

“And maybe if you’re naughty I’ll have to give you a spanking,” I said.

“That would be fun,” he replied.

We looked up to the ceiling, felt the sweat cooling on our bodies, and were satisfied.  I closed my eyes and tried to memorize that moment.  Whenever someone would ask me about my happy place this would be it, well my secret happy place, the one I really think about.  He reached down to my hand, his fingers interlaced with mine.  Maybe we are boyfriends, I thought before falling asleep.