Sunday, March 18, 2018

Brat in the Frat ad

When Peter starts dating a jock named Brad from a fraternity at his college he soon learns of his boyfriend's kink and together they make a journey into submission and domination.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Brat in the Frat Ch 09 - Letting Go

I got everything ready for him: plastic lining for the bed, diapers,
rope, a blindfold, speculum, lubricant, butt plug, anal douche,
leather wrist and ankle cuffs, bananas, and suppositories.  I think it
was the most turned on a I had ever been while shopping, collecting all these different things that were innocuous unto themselves but collected in my room felt kind of incriminating so of course I hid them in the back of my closet.

We had initially planned it for the following week in my dorm room,
provided of course my roommate was out.  Kevin had taken to going home on the weekends, something about a girl he knew from high school and that they had started dating.  Part of me worried it was all the time I was spending with Brad, that he had turned out to be homophobic after all, or maybe he just wanted to give us our space and it was easier to go home.  His mother still did all of his laundry and Sunday night or Monday morning he’d always return with some kind of home cooked leftovers.  Maybe his mother was pressuring him to come back, I don’t know.  It didn’t matter because space and time to ourselves wase exactly what we needed, especially for what we were planning.

In some way it felt like we were planning a heist or something.  There was this kind of mischievous sense to it.  I’d subtly ask my roommate what his plans were, relay the information to Brad who said he had trouble sleeping all week because he was so excited.  It was a big disappointment when I found out on Thursday my roommate was staying for the weekend.  Brad was heartbroken and so was I a little bit.  We fooled around here and there a little bit like normal.  I really got into the idea of being with him, teasing him, getting him hard andl eaking, then denying his orgasm for as long as I could until he was begging for it.  The best I’d let him do is fuck my lubricated hands with his hard dick.

Classes and work were a chore.  There were moments we’d forget about it, watch a movie, cuddle in bed, but it was always there, this
expectation, this adventure.  So by the time two weeks later my
roommate said he was going to be gone for the weekend it felt like an early Christmas gift.  As soon as he was out the door I called Brad and told him to come over.  He finished work and got there about an hour later, after I had set up everything.  He knocked at my door.  I knew it was him, so I opened it wearing just my briefs.  He broke into a smile when he saw me and I pulled him inside by the front of his shirt and into a kiss as I closed the door behind him.  He was hard and ready so we set about doing it.  He showered and used the anal douche as I double checked everything and killed time reading over the instructions on my phone.

Minutes later, flat on his back in the standard bondage X.  Naked, his hard dick against his belly.  I put the restraints on his wrists and
on his ankles.  He was there for me and I was there for him.  He was completely at my mercy and I felt this guilt and fear that I might do the wrong thing, say the wrong thing, expect too much.  I started to sweat, that’s how nervous I was, and I kept rubbing my fingers against the palm of my hand as I bit my lips just watching him lie there.  He was willing to give himself over to me.  I kissed him briefly on his lips.

Then I lifted his knees up to his chest, used the rope to tie them to
the bed frame.  He relaxed into the feeling as I looked down to his
hairy balls, his dick, then along the path to his hole as it puckered
with his heartbeat.  I warmed the speculum with my hands, lubricated it and his hole.  I inserted it slowly and he gasped at the feeling.

I waited for him to relax and when he said he was ready I slowly
opened him.  It was an amazing feeling to have him there like that, my dick was leaking in my underwear.  I could feel it slipping around with each movement I made.

Fully aware of what I was about to do I mashed the bananas and
carefully inserted them a little bit at a time into his hole.  He
giggled and squirmed a little at the feeling but urged me to keep
going until he was fully loaded, then I closed the speculum and
removed it.  I kissed him again on the lips before inserting the
suppositories.  He grunted at the feeling and I told him the butt plug
was next.  He took a deep breath and asked me to insert it into him so I lubricated it and slid into him slowly.  He took it to the base more easily that he usually took anything before so I figured his anus had to be relaxed.  I took the diaper and set it under him.
Putting the oil and powder on his buttocks and over his crotch had
become a familiar routine but it still felt special as I did it.  I closed the diaper and kissed him one more time before getting up and releasing the ropes holding his knees.  He lowered his legs and moaned at the feeling of the plug in his butt.

“Are you ready for this?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said through dry lips.

I reused the rope, tied it to the cuffs on his wrists and his ankles
so that he couldn’t get out of bed very easily, not without my help.
He was powerless there on my bed and I saw him wince and bite at his lip as he said he felt it inside him.  He pulled at the restraints
just to feel them.

“I can feel it,” he said, “it’s doing it’s job.”

I sat next to him, put a comforting hand on his tummy.  He groaned and whined, pulled at his restraints again.  There he was, my boyfriend, tied down and unable to help himself just as he wanted to be.  I could see he had begun to sweat.

“Would you play with my dick?” he begged.


“Yes, I want to, you know, piss myself, but I can’t with my dick hard.”

I slipped my hand into his diaper and felt the ejaculate from his
erect cock, slid my fingers down and gripped the base.  I stroked him slowly, tickled his balls.  He whimpered in pain and pleasure so I kept at it until he bucked against my hand.  I smiled to him as I felt
his dick search out any kind of sensation, just enough to get him to
an orgasm and he smiled back knowing I was teasing him.  It didn’t
take long for him to reach it and I felt his warm ejaculate cover my
hand and the inside of his diaper.

But the orgasm was a double edged sword because he said now he could feel the pain in his intestines and the feeling of the plug in his hole more.  I moved close to him, rubbed at my still erect dick in my briefs.  And the seconds turned into minutes and the minutes turned into over an hour as I sat there edging myself as he lay beside me.

“Maybe we should try something else,” I said.

“No, I can feel it.  It hurts really bad.  I mean I really, really
have to go but it’s like my will has become so focused that it shut
down that part of my body.  It’s like it’s stuck.  It’s like someone
turned the spigot and nothing works.”

There was one last thing to help him get over that fear of truly
letting go.  I pulled out the blindfold and put it over his eyes and
lay beside him, my head in his arm pit I put my left hand on his chest and slowly began to pet him.

Finally it happened, a little fart that turned into more.  He let out
a sigh of relief and I looked to the front of his diaper that began to
swell.  I smiled at the reality of it.  Here he was a jock boy, my
boyfriend, my submissive, my dare I say it slave, and he was finally
so relaxed that he lost all control.  I looked to his face where I saw
the biggest grin.  He knew he had done it.  He knew he had lost
control.  I got to my knees beside him, leaned down and gave him a
kiss before sitting back and looking over his body one more time.  He was mine, all mine, I thought, and I am his, all his.