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Act Your Age The Brat Ch 05 - Up To No Good

By the time I got to Leo’s house I already had two drinks at a bar near my father’s office before I caught the bus.  I had to change buses twice and was kind of irritable, but I forced myself to smile as I knocked on the door.  I wasn’t surprised to find a naked, male stranger answering the door.  He looked like a hippie with long hair, a natural, thin build, and body hair.  His dick was uncircumcised and a few inches when limp.  I had to force myself to look him in the eye.

“Hey,” he said.

“I’m Shane.  I’m here for Leo.”

“Yeah, come on in,” he said.

He pushed open the screen door so I opened it, then stepped inside the house.  It smelled of pot but was otherwise clean.  Someone called my name so I walked further into the house to the dining room.  I grinned when I saw Leo, Parker, Matt, and Trent were all playing strip poker.  Each of them was mostly undressed as there was a pile of clothing in the middle of the table.  The guy who had let me in walked past me and went into the kitchen.  I followed him with my eyes and I was delighted when he went to the refrigerator, opened the door, and bent over to get something.  I could see the full shape of his cheeks, the depth of his crack, two swinging balls, and the hint of his dick.

“Still misbehaving?” Parker asked.

“Sometimes,” I answered.

I continued to stare at the new guy, unashamed, or maybe a little drunk and not afraid of what they would think of me.  I watched him get out some food that he carried to the counter out of view.  It was only then I looked back to them.  They all had been watching me and started to laugh.  I know I turned a shade of pink as I cleared my throat and moved to an open chair.

“So, you’re the birthday boy tonight,” Trent said.

“That means we get him proper fucked up,” Matt added.

 They all laughed a cheered.  I looked around at them.  Trent was closest to me on the same side of the table.  I noted that he was down to his boxers, the way a small bit of fat created a roll at his stomach.  It was kind of cute.  Leo and Parker were shirtless so I studied their muscled chests and their nipples.  Matt still had his shirt on but I had a feeling he wasn’t wearing pants.  Who takes off their pants before their shirt in strip poker?  I was about to say something when I felt the presence of the guy who greeted me at the door beside me. 

When I turned my head I was looking straight at his dick.  I let out a nervous laugh and the other guys laughed at me.  I had to crane my neck to look up into the stranger’s eyes.  He was casually eating some kind of salad from a bowl.

“This is my roommate Ross,” Leo said.  “He lost at poker.”

“He’s not very shy,” I said.

“You’re in my seat,” Ross replied.

“Of course,” I said before getting to my feet.

“Want to play a hand?” Parker asked.

“No, I’m okay,” I said.  “I thought we’d be going out drinking.”

“Oh yeah, sure,” Leo said.  “Let’s finish this up then.”

“Can I put my underwear back on?” Matt asked.

“What do you say guys?  Let’s call it quits and get some drinks before we go out to the bar.”

“Amen,” Matt said.

“Fine with me,” Parker said before laying down his cards.

“Let’s get drunk,” Trent said.

Leo got up and began to sort through the clothes.  Matt stood and grabbed a pair of underwear.  I couldn’t help but notice his slightly erect dick and a little tightness in his balls.  Straight or not he was getting off on this, I thought.  It wasn’t long for them to pull their clothes back on, clean up after the game, and spread out through the house.  I was a little unsure of what to do until Leo motioned me into the kitchen.

“What are you drinking?  Do you want a beer?”

“I’d prefer liquor,” I said.

“Whiskey is in the cabinet there.  Clean glasses are probably in the dish washer.”

I retrieved the bottle from the cabinet he had indicated and found a clean glass in the dish washer like he said it would be, then went into the dining room.  Leo followed after me with three glasses and a beer in his hand.  He set the glasses down in front of me and indicated I should pour some whiskey into each one.  He took a seat as the other guys slowly made their way back into the room.  Parker, Matt, and Trent took a glass and found a place to stand.  We didn’t talk.  I was the first to finish so I started to pour myself another.

“Big drinker?” Matt asked.

“You remember the way he killed that bottle of vodka,” Parker said.

“Oh yeah right,” Trent said.

“Ever have a Fuzzy Navel?” Matt asked.

“No, I don’t think so,” I said.

They laughed mischievously and I knew I had missed something but I shrugged it off.  Leo looked at me impishly.  I knew he was setting me up somehow but I didn’t know what he would do.  How could I prepare myself for everything?

“Ever have a Pink Belly?”

“What’s a Pink Belly?  Is it some kind of drink?”

Leo jumped up from his seat and shouted, “Pink Belly!”, then charged towards me.  I started to try and get away but the guys on either side of me quickly took hold of my arms and together with Leo at my ankles they forced me onto my back in the middle of the table.  They pulled my shirt up to expose my belly.  They laughed and cheered. 

I was going to find out what a Pink Belly was.  Leo started to slap at my skin, soon the others had a free hand and were taking turns.  I laughed and screamed for them to stop but they didn’t and instead they continued their assault until my laughter stopped as I felt my belly hurt.  It seemed like they were equally drained.  There was no more fun in the prank so they let me up.  I felt a twinge of pain in my abs and my belly.

“That hurt,” I said.

“Let’s get you another drink then, this time at a bar,” Parker said.

We walked the few blocks to the beach and the first bar.  It was a straight bar in the way that all bars are straight bars unless otherwise stated.  We took a table in the back.  When everyone else ordered food I decided it was a good idea and got some as well.  I didn’t realize how drunk I was until I figured out that I hadn’t talked much the entire time so to sober up I ate as much of my food as I could, then headed to the men’s room.  I was surprised when Parker came in after me.  There was something brotherly about him, something paternal and I didn’t like it.

“You don’t have to take care of me,” I said.

“You didn’t look too steady on your feet,” he replied.

My dick between the fingers of my one hand I leaned against the wall with my other to stabilize myself.  I felt the familiar release of a bladder full of alcohol, closed my eyes.  When I opened them a moment later I was surprised to see him there next to me.  He unzipped his fly and pulled out his dick.  He pulled back the foreskin and started to piss.  He looked down at where I stared, then up into my eyes.  I raised my vision up to meet his.  He looked down to my dick.

“You’ve been done for some time,” he said.

“Thanks, I was just letting it air dry,” I said.

“I’d put it away before someone thinks your up to something perverted.”

He tucked his own away after finishing and went to the sink.  I did the same, swayed a little when I got to the counter.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“You don’t have to be so damn paternalistic,” I said.

“Relax, you just don’t look too good,” he said.

He turned away from me.  I followed after him.  When we got back to the table I sat back down in my seat and looked around at everyone who was talking amongst themselves and I suddenly wanted a cigarette.

“Does anyone smoke?” I asked.

No one seemed to notice so I asked again but louder.  Everyone looked to me and I suddenly felt kind of ridiculous.  Was it too loud?  Did I drink too much?  I raised my hands to dismiss their concerns and criticism.  It wasn’t long after that we headed out of the bar.  I fell to the back.  The alcohol had caught up with me.  I looked at my phone.  There were several messages from Mr. Grant, a few from Ethan.  I dismissed them and checked the time.  I was horrified to find it was still early in the night.  Leo fell back, put his arm around me to get me to walk faster. 

“Put your phone away,” he said.

I put it away and put my arm around him.  I was about to say something romantic when I spotted a gas station ahead of us and demanded that I needed some cigarettes.  They obliged.  I felt a little out of place at the counter.  Everything else felt like it was too slow but I suspected I was the one in slow motion.  The clerk barely acknowledged me as we exchanged money for cigarettes and a lighter. 
Just outside I opened the pack, took out a cigarette, and offered them to the rest of the guys.  I was half surprised when Parker took one.  I lit his first, then my own.  I took a deep drag, held it in my lungs.  There was a familiar buzz.  I perked up right away so we kept walking.  I had two cigarettes by the time we got to the next bar.  We had two drinks each.  Leo, Parker, and I slipped out to the alleyway for a smoke between them.  I caught my second wind by the time we were leaving.  I don’t remember much about the place except that it felt like a fake dive bar. 

We had to catch a bus to the third place, a gay bar farther down the beach.  There was a bouncer at the door who checked our ID’s, then let us into the place.  Everyone else was a little drunk too, but holding up in their own ways.  Trent and Matt clung to the table afraid someone would ask them to dance.  Leo was quick to strip off his shirt and go to the dance floor.  Parker seemed to hold us together like an anchor as he watched over everyone.  He sat there casually drinking whiskey for a long time before he got up and went to the men’s room. 

I was too slow to follow right behind him.  I got to my feet, started after him, but the place was crowded.  When I bumped into someone I liked it a little too much, apologized, and continued to move.  I was almost there when I saw someone I didn’t want to ever see again.  It was the moment I had dreaded ever since Mr. Grant had fired Ryan, I saw him and he saw me.  We passed each other but I didn’t look back.

Instead I pushed my way into the men’s room.  Parker was at the urinal trough so I made my way next to him and unzipped my fly, pulled out my dick.  I swayed a little.  He grabbed the back of my shirt with his hand. 

When I finished I barely noticed that Parker had his eye on someone else at the trough.  I just laughed to myself and moved to the sink where I washed my hands and watched in the mirror as Parker went into a stall followed by a stranger.  The other guy fell to his knees. 

“If you’re drunk enough,” I said aloud.

I watched as the guy took out Parker’s dick and began to suck it.  I was about to say something, turn on them, and try to ruin it somehow when Parker managed to close the door.  It pissed me off.  I wanted him right then.  I should have been on my knees.  I had my chance at the party but I had passed it up.  I didn’t want to cheat on Mr. Grant.  I stumbled out of the men’s room, down the hallway, and back out to our table.  Matt and Trent looked to me.

“He’s going to be a while,” I said.  “Some guy’s sucking his dick.”

They rolled their eyes.  I was about to say something back when I felt a presence next to me.  I half thought it was Parker so I turned kind of casually, readied myself for a joke or something.  Instead I felt a rush of adrenaline and clenched my fist when I saw it was Ryan.  He was dressed in a button down shirt that was open at the collar.  He had that same grin.

“You got me fired,” he said.

“What?” I asked.  He looked ready to repeat himself but I stopped him.  “No, you got yourself fired.  You shouldn’t have done that to me.”

“It was a joke,” he replied.  “But I guess it helps when you’re fucking the boss.”

I got to my feet.  We were chest to chest.  I was clearly the more drunk of the two of us as I bumped against him, then steadied myself.

“Do you know how humiliated I felt?  I didn’t want to go back to work after that.”

“We could have settled it between ourselves.” 

“What do you want to fight?” I asked.

That’s when he raised his hands in a show of peace as we stared in each other’s eyes.  He started to back away and I clenched my fist.  Even then it felt like he was getting away with something, slipping out of the responsibility.  I thought to take a swing at him for some reason, just push through that resistance I felt of behaving myself.  It was a relief when Leo stepped between us with a drink in his hand.  He set it down at the table, then looked to each of us.

“What?” he asked.

Ryan didn’t move so I turned and walked away, out of the bar and into the cool night to light a cigarette.  I moved to the wall and leaned against the brick.  The bouncer kept me in his peripheral vision as he checked the ID’s of some other young guys.  By the time I was almost done with my cigarette I was surprised to see Leo, Parker, Matt, Trent, and Ryan as well as two of his friends stepping out of the front door.

Somehow I felt he had tricked them to his side before I saw them split up a little.  Parker and Leo made their way to me.  Matt and Trent stood in the middle, and Ryan and his friends were at a distance but still close by.  Leo had his shirt in his hands and a coy smile on his face.  I was about to ask him what he was thinking when I looked past him to Ryan and his friends who weren’t leaving.

“Oh no,” I said.

“He just wants to talk.  We’re all going back to my place.  Is that okay?”

I gritted my teeth together, exhaled the smoke through my nose to make myself look as tough as possible.  It did little as they were too caught up in their own minds.  Leo pulled on his shirt, adjusted it around his waist.  I looked to Parker.  That feeling of protection I had denied earlier felt needed, wanted and at least with him there it would be fair.  He could overcome all odds. 

“They drove here so we’re going to catch a ride with them.  Don’t worry you don’t have to be in the same car as Ryan.”

I stepped from the wall and into the group.  Leo got behind me, put his hands on my shoulders.  We all meandered to the street parking.  I ended up in the back seat of a stranger’s car with Parker.  Leo ended up in the passenger seat or Ryan’s car.  I knew Leo had more than an apology in mind.

When we got back the house was just as we had left it, though Matt and Trent quickly left after we got inside.  They said they were walking home so I figured they didn’t live far away.  I didn’t really notice because I headed straight to the liquor cabinet where I took out a bottle of whiskey, then found a glass in the sink.  I rinsed it off, poured myself a drink.  Ryan and Leo had made their way to the living room.  Parker and the two strangers were in the dining room. 

As I passed Parker he tried to signal, then call me back to join him, and when I got to the living room Leo and Ryan stared at me as if I had ruined something.  I was kind of happy I did.  I downed half of my drink before I sat between them.  I didn’t want my friend and my enemy getting together.

“Would you get us something to drink?” Ryan asked.

“Sure,” Leo said before pushing himself away.

I leaned back into the cushions, turned my head to Ryan.  I wanted to say I hated him.  I wanted to say he humiliated me.  He just smiled at me and somehow I almost wanted to forgive him, even when he took my drink from my hand and finished it off before setting the glass on the table.  He leaned back into the cushions, half turned to face me.  I thought he might kiss me as he stared at me.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“Me too,” I said.


“I don’t know.  I’m really drunk.  Ask me in the morning.”

He laughed it off.

“I really am sorry,” he said.  “It’s just that the job cost me.”

“It cost me too,” I said.

I felt like I could say anything to him because there was a good chance I wouldn’t remember.  I could blame my loose tongue on the alcohol.  No, it was more than that.  I felt as if the entirety of my being had been contracted to just my head. 

“What did it cost you?” Ryan asked.

“I can’t say,” I replied.

“What?  It cost you money?  It didn’t cost you the job.”

“It cost me,” I said.

“Tell me,” he said.

I bit my lip until it was good and wet.

“A spanking,” I said.  “It cost me a red ass, not directly, but sort of indirectly because I fucked around all day and didn’t act responsibly.”

“What the hell does that mean?  Who spanked you?  Was it your father?”

“No, it’s an arrangement we have.”

“Who?  You and Mr. Grant?  You mean, he, like spanks you.”

“Only when I misbehave,” I said.

“That’s messed up,” he said.

“Actually it kind of helps because I was a mess when we met.  It’s not like blackmail or anything.  It’s a challenge.”

Leo brought Ryan a drink and noting a change in the atmosphere of the room he left us to talk.  Ryan downed his drink in a few swigs.  I thought about moving but it just felt too good to rest there.  I had overdone it again.  When I thought about if I might piss myself I felt this kind of laughter even though my face didn’t move.  We were quiet for a long time before Ryan finally broke the silence.

“Do you think if I let him spank me he’d hire me back?”

“No,” I said.  “He doesn’t really mix business and pleasure.”

“Do you know anyone else into that kind of thing?”


“I don’t know.  I’m kind of curious.”

“Well, if you’re serious I’d be willing to do it,” I said.  I couldn’t believe what I was offering, what I was potentially getting myself into and yet it was happening.  If he just said yes, if he just offered himself to me, then I’d be able to really see what it was like to be the one administering a punishment.

“We could do it right now,” he said.

“No,” I said, “not now, I can’t really get up.  We’ll make a date and figure out a time and place.”

He asked for my phone number and when I told him it he punched it into his phone, then saved it.

“Okay,” he said.

“Good,” I replied.

He got up from the couch and went to find Leo.  I wanted to say something.  I wanted to do something but I was so inebriated that I couldn’t move.  And then I saw myself as if I was having an out of body experience.  It was like I was in the corner of the room looking back at myself.  I look so small, I thought.  Then there was darkness.

I awoke hours later to find myself face down on the couch and covered by sheet.  I felt the softness of it against my skin so I felt around to find that I was down to my underwear.  My body felt stiff and disconnected.  I rolled onto my side, felt the line of my briefs across my upper thigh.  At least my asshole doesn’t hurt, I thought. 

There was a familiar sound from somewhere in the house.  It was the sound of a headboard hitting the wall.  I listened more closely and thought I could make out grunting and moaning.  Someone was getting it.  I thought about Mr. Grant.  I thought about the time we made the headboard knock.  I started to get an erection so I reached down into my underwear and started to play with myself.  It didn’t feel right but I couldn’t stop it.  I just wanted to feel something, anything.  My dick became slippery easily with my own ejaculate, the head felt extra sensitive.  I tickled it until I had an orgasm, then fell back asleep.

When I awoke it was to the sound of cereal being poured into a bowl.  The sheet was across half of me, wrapped between my legs.  I pushed myself up.  I needed to piss but I also had an erection.  Self-consciously I crossed my legs, draped the sheet over them as I looked around to see if I could make sense of what was happening, who was awake and where they were.  I was glad to see Ross emerge from the kitchen with a bowl in his hands.  He was dressed in jeans and an old t-shirt. 

“Where’s everyone at?” I asked.

“Leo is still in bed,” he answered.  “That guy who was with him last night left a few minutes ago.  Why?”

I shook my head to dismiss the question when I spotted my jeans on the floor.  I picked them up and pulled out my phone.  There were several messages from Mr. Grant and two from a number I didn’t recognize.  They were picture messages.  I sighed to myself as I opened the first one.  It was me, in my underwear with a wet spot on my crotch.  The second message was of Ryan’s face with my crotch in the background.  In a moment of pure anger I threw my phone against the couch and was horrified when it bounced and fell to the floor.  My life couldn’t get much worse, I thought.

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