Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Brat Ch 07 - Collateral Damage

“See that nerd over there,” my heart sunk at the comment, “I think he’s game.  Do you want to see which one of us can get him to give a blow job?”

“No way,” I said.  “I’m in a relationship.”

“Okay, well I’m going to give it a try.  Ten bucks says if he doesn’t have braces then I’m going to get him to blow me.  If he does have braces then I’m going to have him give me a hand job.  What do you say?”

I shook my head as I said, “no way.”

“You’re no fun.  Well, bet or not I’m going for it.  I bet he’s a virgin.”

Ryan got up from where we were sitting and crossed the distance between us to the young man he had pointed out.  He looked to be my age but skinnier, more awkward.  He wore a black t-shirt with some kind of gaming logo I didn’t recognize and cargo shorts with full pockets.  He had thick framed glasses, dark hair, and a slight case of acne.  He was cute but shy.  He was no match for Ryan with his muscled arms and chest, his experience of conniving.

The young man looked away nervously as Ryan sat beside him.  I thought it was over and that the guy would run but then Ryan seemed to say hello, come up with some reason to talk.  I watched them chat for a few minutes, then Ryan leaned to his ear and whispered something.  The guy blushed as he looked away to consider the proposal.  He whispered something back to Ryan who clapped him on the back before he got up and walked to me.

“Not going to work?” I asked.

“Actually he’s interested but he’s definitely a virgin.  Though I think he’s thought about it a lot.  He knows where there’s a bathroom that doesn’t get used much but he wants someone to be the lookout.  Would you help us?”

I rolled my eyes at the prospect.  It wasn’t the act.  It was Ryan.  I was liking him less and less.  He was just going to use the guy, a virgin no less.

“Come on he wants it.  He wants me.  I probably remind him of the high school quarterback he always fantasized about.  He’ll get just as much out of it.  It will be a fantasy come true.”

“Okay, okay, you’re over selling it.  Let’s just get this over with,” I said.

He motioned for the guy to lead the way and we followed after him by about twenty feet.  Ryan kept looking everywhere else in a casual strut.  I watched the young man, the way his feet moved, and the way his ass looked in his pants, especially when he took the escalator up.  He led us to a nearly abandoned area of the mall where many of the stores had closed.  It was strange that it felt so dead even though the rest of the mall was filled with light and people.

For a moment I worried it might be a trap of some kind but then I really thought about it.  There was two of us and he didn’t look like the type to really have many friends, at least many friends who would mug us.  The guy went in first.  Ryan stopped me in the doorway, took hold of my shoulders and pushed me to the wall just inside so that I could watch out for people.

There was no door, just a curve of concrete to provide that illusion of privacy.  I listened to them go into a bathroom stall and close the door.  Ryan whispered some orders.  There was the drop of pants, a second pair, then a grunt as someone, not Ryan, got down on his knees.  It took some time before there was a moan of pleasure from Ryan, then some gagging.

“Just use your hand then,” Ryan said.  “But keep jerking yourself off.  When you catch your breath try again.”

I listened to the rubbing, a grunt of frustration, another moan of pleasure.  It went on for some time, then it stopped as I imagined the guy sticking Ryan’s dick back in his mouth.  I had just seen how big it was earlier that day.  Sucking on it was one thing but I hoped the guy wasn’t try to deep throat it.  My jaw ached sympathetically, and my dick was even getting hard so I placed one foot against the wall to stick out my knee in an attempt to camouflage it.

“I’m almost there.  Don’t try and swallow it.  That’s it.  Oh fuck, close your eyes.  That’s it.  You look so good.  Did you finish yet?  Stand up, here let me help you.”

It wasn’t much longer after that when the guy let out his own moan of pleasure.  There was the thud of hands against the walls of the cubicle, the shuffle of pants around ankles, deep breathing.  I heard Ryan pull up his pants and underwear first before he unlocked the door, then pushed it open.  I peaked around the corner to see his reflection in the mirror.  His face was a little red as he moved to the sink.  I heard the other guy struggling with his pants.

Ryan checked his hair before he dried off his hands.  He looked himself over, then walked to me as I stood there waiting for him.  He motioned for me to follow him but I paused.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

I felt bad for what he did, the fact he was leaving the guy so easily.  I had a few anonymous encounters in my life but not with a virgin, not the way I felt Ryan manipulated the guy.

“Maybe we should make sure he’s okay,” I said.

“The way I left him I’m not sticking around, though he might be.  I’m leaving.  If you want to stay and face his wrath then that’s your choice.  He was fun but he wasn’t good.  He’s just some nerd.”

“So that’s it?”

“Yeah, you’ve done it before, let’s go.”

“No, I’m staying.”

“Your funeral,” Ryan said.  “Why don’t you give me a hug?”

It felt like a weird request but I leaned forward out of some kind of naivety or maybe nostalgia.  I was surprised when I felt Ryan’s hands go down my back, his fingers grabbed hold of my underwear.  He pulled up as fast and hard as he could.  My briefs gave easily, the back went up between my cheeks, the front pulled down against my erection and balls.  He pulled out of my arms, pushed me back against the wall.

“Don’t call me, I’ll call you,” he said.

I watched him walk away, made sure no one was coming into this section of the mall, then went into the mens room.  It smelled of urine and cleaning fluid, a slight odor of ejaculate.  The stall door was still open.  The guy had his back against the wall with his hands to his face.  I wanted to go to him right away but I stopped myself.  I went to the sink area instead and unfastened my jeans, pulled them down my thighs to my knees where I secured them so they wouldn’t fall to my ankles.

“That guy you just sucked me off just gave me a wedgie,” I said.


“That guy, you just sucked him off.  He gave me a wedgie.”

“He’s an asshole.  I thought he was your friend.”

“He’s not my friend.  It’s complicated.”

I looked to my reflection, then to his.  He stepped out of the stall and I could see at once what Ryan had done to him as there was ejaculate on his face, in his hair, and the front of his t-shirt.  My bare ass was still visible to him.  I wondered if he noticed the spanking marks before I self-consciously plucked the back of my briefs, let them fall loose.  I was glad I kept myself clean, but it still felt ridiculous.  The guy moved past me to the sink where he turned on the water.  I pulled my jeans back up, with a lift of my shirt and a quick turn I made sure none of the waist band of my underwear stuck out.  He looked ready to cry, ready to punch something.

“What’s your name?  I’m Shane.”

“Ben,” he said.

“Are you taking the bus?”

“No, I have a car, but I can’t walk out of here like this.  I’m still in high school.”

“How old are you?”

“I’m eighteen.  Why?”

“No reason,” I said.

“Don’t worry, your friend made sure I was legal.”

“No, it’s just...  He’s not my friend.  It’s just I would have taken you for a drink or something.”  I lied.  I think he knew it as he let out a laugh.

“Where’d he go?”

“He abandoned me.”

“He’s a sick bastard,” Ben said.

“I just found out today how sick he is.”  I turned and sat against the counter.  “I might be able to help you out.”

“How?” he asked.

“Well, I know it sounds fucked up but could I get a ride home?” I asked.  “If you promise to drive me home, then I’ll switch shirts with you.”


“It would be only one more embarrassing thing I did today.”

We switched shirts and it was an easy walk out of the mall to his car.  If anyone noticed the shirt I didn’t pay attention.  He drove with an easy, conscientious style as I gave him directions.  We didn’t talk until we got to my place.  I unbuckled my seatbelt and he cleared his throat so I knew there was something he wanted to say.

“We still haven’t switched back,” he said.

“Oh right, of course, I’m just kind of distracted.”

He looked sad and disappointed.  I was pretty sure it was his first anonymous hookup.  It was a shame it had to be with Ryan.  I felt bad for him.  He was cute.

“Do you want me to wash this for you?  Maybe we can just trade.”

He shook his head.

“What is it?” I asked.

“It’s just, you know, you seem like nice guy, despite knowing that prick.  Lots of people would have left with him but I heard you guys talking.”

“It’s no problem,” I said.

“Yes it is, but I know what you mean.”

He looked as if he was going to say something but didn’t.  I almost tried to provoke him by saying something but I decided to let the silence hang there.  Finally he opened his mouth.

“It’s just, I don’t have many gay friends.  Do you want to exchange numbers?”

“Yeah sure,” I said.

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