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Act Your Age Ch 03 - Tucker

Simon, a directionless 20 year old living with his parents and attending community college, is sitting on his porch one lazy day when he spots Grant a new next door neighbor.  Grant is handsome, older, and successful.  Simon is attracted to the older man, wants to start a relationship but Grant has just gotten out of a long-term relationship with a man and isn’t ready for commitment. 

Worse, he sees Simon as too young, too impulsive, and misbehaved, but when Simon won’t give up Grant challenges him to a little discipline.

After we got home from visiting Grant my parents went straight to their bedroom as it was close to their bedtime.  I went to my room, locked my door, stripped down, and jerked off to some porn trying to make myself feel better after what felt like a disastrous experience.  The man possibly could have been my father, well if he had me as a teen probably.  He had a career, his own business.  And I had my parents, my childhood bedroom, and a community college.  I stayed up until three in the morning to finish my homework and made sure my alarm was set so I could get a good six hours of sleep.  I woke the next morning still thinking about him.  I knew that I needed to get to know him, spend more time with him.

I was under prepared for class and I hid it as well as I could.  I sat through the lecture taking minimum notes.  I found myself doodling in my notebook.  It wasn’t a heart or our names but close because I found myself thinking about him, about us.  He had a certain something.  There had been other men, young men, who caught my attention but he was somehow more realistic.  He was my neighbor not a classmate or some stranger.  I was thinking about a distraction when I remembered Tucker.

Tucker was usually up for anything.  He was my fuck buddy from campus, a fellow community college student.  I texted him that I would be interested in meeting up at the end of the day and he said he was interested but that I’d have to behave myself so I promised I would.  The last few times we had attempted to get together I drank too much beforehand and he wouldn’t have sex because he said I was like a corpse.

We met in the parking lot by his car.  He was dressed in jeans, a white t-shirt that clung to his muscled chest.  I knew better than to ask to stop at the liquor store or to smoke around him.  It was a short drive off campus to an apartment complex on the other side of town.  It was a place that mostly rented to students and was always trying to screw them over, ten or twelve month contracts instead of eight or nine, not keeping up with maintenance and security, but that meant they also had a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy when it came to drugs and parties as long as the cops didn’t get involved.

I followed him to his place, a loft five floors up, and towards the back.  When we got inside I was ready to go but he had other priorities.  He got pizza and beer from the refrigerator and went to the couch where he opened two bottles and offered me one as well as some pizza.  I sat beside him.  He turned on the television.  I looked to his face to try and detect any kind of break in his facade but he didn’t notice me.  He sat back and was at ease as he ate and drank.

Biting my lip I reached to his thigh, moved my hand up to his crotch, and that’s when I saw a little smile.  He was playing with me.  I wanted to feel someone so I reached for his buckle and undid his belt.  He showed no signs of resistance so I undid his jeans and opened the fly.  His hard cock strained against his boxers.  I tucked his underwear under his balls and his dick stuck out into the air.  He continued to eat and pretend like I wasn’t there so I went for it.  I put my lips down to the bulbous head and began to nip at it.

As my lips became more lubricated with my spit I licked down to his balls where I could smell his crotch.  It was a musk of sweat from casual, daily routines but was otherwise clean.  I worked on his balls, let his cock rub against the side of my face, my cheek.  My tongue pressed between them until I could taste a saltier flavor, then I worked my way back up his dick.  He had long ago finished eating but it was then that his free hand moved to the back of my head and guided me to the end of his dick.  I took him easily in my mouth, went halfway down on him and I heard him moan.  My own dick strained in my underwear, in my jeans and I wanted to free it.  I could feel it slipping around between my thighs.

I started to get up, push myself away, but he stopped me and pulled me back down until I could feel him in my throat and I began to choke.  Saliva gathered in my mouth and ran from my lips over his balls and into his underwear.  He let me up to breath and as I pulled away a string of spit ran from my lips to his dick.  I looked up to him and he smiled down at me.

“Keep looking up,” he said before pulling me back down.

I tried to look up at him but it was difficult and my gaze was lost as my nose was buried in his pubic hair again.  He knew that I liked it rough.  He knew that I liked a little bit of denial, that’s why he wasn’t letting me attend to myself.  I sucked with everything I had because I knew it wasn’t the last time that night we’d be able to have sex.

He worked my face and I worked his dick until his underwear was wet and cold as it grazed against my chin.  I knew he had stamina and was ready to give up when he told me to get in front of him on my knees.  I did so without question while still trying to keep him in my mouth.  It was almost impossible.  I was ready to start bobbing when he stopped me and pushed me back a little.  I looked up to him with disappointment and fear but was pleased when I realized he did that only to get my shirt off.  He pulled it up over my arms and tossed it aside, set his beer down, and took hold of my head with both hands.  He pulled me back down over his dick.  I surrendered to the feeling.  It was just a few more seconds before he ejaculated into my throat, into my mouth, and then on my face.  My eyes were closed with anticipation as I felt it cover me he laughed a little as it got in my hair and on my left eye.

“I’m sorry about that,” he said, “let me get a towel.”

I opened my right eye and laughed with him a little before I went back to his dick and sucked some more to get every last sensation and then I pulled myself away and waited.  He got up from the couch and retrieved a towel.  He wiped the cooled ejaculate from my face and I could finally open both of my eyes.  He pulled off his shirt and invited me to take a shower with him.  I got up to my feet, stripped out of my clothes.  My boxers were stained and gooey.  I left them out a little to breath before taking off my socks.

By the time I made it to his bathroom he was naked.  I took in the sight of his butt and the way his back arched a little extra as if putting his rear end on display.  It wasn’t something that might normally by noticed but naked it was apparent.  It made his stomach stick out a little in front but not in a fat way.  It was a kind of cute deformation.  He raised his eyebrows at me and I just shook my head.

We got inside the shower and cleaned each other and ourselves thoroughly for slightly different reasons.  He liked to be rimmed and I liked to be fucked.  As we were getting out he smacked me on the ass playfully so I hit him back on his ass.  That started a wrestling match between us until we realized how dangerous it was in the bathroom so we moved to the bedroom with a quick run, our cocks flopping about as we laughed.

At the bed he took me from behind and put me in a full-nelson.  I gave in to his strength and rested my body against his.  I knew it wouldn’t be for long because I felt his dick rubbing between my ass cheeks.  He proved me wrong when he pushed me onto the bed and I felt his body pushing down on mine.  His feet went to my ankles and he worked them around until he could pull my legs apart.  His dick more fully in the crack of my ass.  I wanted him.  I maneuvered my face up from the bed to breath and be able to speak.

“I give, I give,” I said.

“Ready to get fucked?” he asked.

He applied tension that made me moan in pain.  He knew I liked it a little rough.  I let him work me for a moment before I spoke again.

“Yes, yes, I’m ready.  I want your dick.  Fuck me.”

He released me and got up to his knees which were on either side of my body.  He grabbed my ass cheeks.  I felt his nails rake my flesh.  He parted them and spat into me.  Spanked them playfully again, once on each cheek, then jiggled them.  My nipples were hard against the bed sheet that I tried to grip in my hands.  I looked over my shoulder and he was rubbing his dick.  He smiled to me.

“Are you going to use protection?” I asked.

“Do you want me to?”

“I don’t know,” I said.

“You can trust me.  I don’t fuck around, just you and my boyfriend.”

“You have a boyfriend?” I asked.

“Well, yeah, kind of, I mean it’s not serious.”

Some part of me wanted to demand he use a condom but I felt worried that he’d lose interest.  I worried that I’d ruin the moment.  How could HIV be here anyway?  I lived in a small town.  He’d have to have fucked someone who fucked someone...

“Just pull out,” I said.

He leaned down over me and kissed at my neck as I turned back to the bed.  We had sex before with and without condoms and I didn’t have anything yet.  He licked down my back, pried apart my cheeks, and licked at my hole.  His tongue worked inside me a little causing a pleasure unlike any other that made me pull on the sheet.  He licked, kissed, and spit until I was lubricated enough to push in one, then two fingers.  I relaxed and let myself open for him, raised my hips from the mattress.  It wasn’t long until he began to press his dick against me.

There was pressure as he held his dick there.  He pushed in a little then pulled out.  He smacked my hole a few times to keep the blood flowing.  I felt him enter me again.  He worked inch by inch back and forth until he was inside of me.  I felt parts of me like I only felt when I was getting fucked.  I could feel the inside of myself and my body were so far apart even though they were the same body.  He worked me until we were both sweating.  He licked at my neck.  We kissed.  But I didn’t get to move to any other position.  He liked me on all fours.

I did my best to play with myself but as he got more into it and was thrusting harder I was barely able to keep myself up.  Finally, he pulled from me and I knew what was next as I felt his ejaculate hit my back I let out a sigh and reached for my own dick.  I jacked it as fast as I could until I orgasmed and shot down onto the sheet.  He lay down against me, kissed me, then rolled off onto his back.  He let out an excited, nervous laugh.  I felt ridiculous there with my ass in the air so I got off the bed and went to the bathroom where I got in the shower.

After we fucked a second time I went back into the living room where I poured myself a drink from a bottle of Scotch he kept in a kitchen cabinet and lit a cigarette.  He came out from the bedroom as soon as he smelled it.

“You can’t smoke in here.  Go out on the balcony,” he said.

I poured myself some more, got up, and went out onto the balcony.  It was an old metal topless cage stuck to the side of a building.  It didn’t feel safe but I didn’t have a choice.  I looked around at the other windows, other balconies, and out to the parking lot where I could see cars illuminated by large, overhead bulbs.  In a few places there were red lights inside the car warning burglars of an alarm system.

That night I couldn’t sleep.  I wanted him to take me home but felt stupid for asking.  I spent most of the night on his balcony drinking and smoking in my underwear.  No one saw me.  Eventually I got my books for class and did some homework.  I passed out on his couch with a book on my chest and a shot left in my glass.

I woke up, saw my drink, and downed it.  He was up at nearly the same time but was dressed for class.  He asked if I was going and I told him I didn’t have anything.  He asked if I wanted a lift back to campus and I asked if he’d take me home if I just waited around.  Really, I wanted to drink more.  He said he would take me home when he got back.  I showered, and feeling hungover with no prospects for the day except wait for him to return from class I decided to indulge in my two favorite things.  I made myself a bloody marry and went out on his deck to smoke.  The bloody marry became vodka on the rocks, and eventually just vodka.  I smoked most of my pack.  I was fucked up by the time he got back.  I could tell he didn’t want anything to do with me and suggested he drive me home.

The car ride was pleasant but I was feeling wasted by the time we got to my house.  I didn’t want to show weakness to him so I got out and walked up to the porch using my cane.  He drove away by the time I got to my door.  My parents were at work and the front door was locked.  I reached into my pocket for my keys, fumbled with them and dropped them making a big thud.  I laughed at myself and bent down to pick them up but lost my balance and fell on my ass.  I was enjoying my misfortune when I saw someone at the foot of the steps watching me.

It was Grant.  He didn’t look happy.  He stared at me for a long time and I was about to say something when I stopped myself.  I was feeling too good, everything was moving slow.  I knew if someone recorded me that it would be me who was sluggish.

“Need help?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said.

He moved to me and squatted, took hold of my armpit and told me I’d have to help him get myself to my feet.  I smiled at him.  He counted to three and I tried but my feet were like squid legs, drunken squid legs.  He let out a sigh and picked up my keys, unlocked the door and pushed it open before he moved back to me.  This time when he squatted he put one arm under my knees and the other at my back.  He lifted me from the ground and stepped into the house.

“We’re like a married couple,” I said.

“Can I just put you on the couch or do you want to go upstairs?”

“Upstairs, upstairs,” I said.

“Do you want me to set you down?”

“No,” I said.

He let out a sigh and adjusted my weight before he continued through the house, up the stairs, and to my room.  I turned the handle of the door to my room and he pushed it with his foot, and carried me to my bed.  He set me down.

“Are you going to be okay?”

I tried to speak but my voice failed me.

“I better roll you onto your stomach,” he said.

He rolled me and I thought about my cigarettes in my breast pocket being squashed under me but there was nothing I could do.  I smiled to myself and everything went black.

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