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Act Your Age Ch 04: The Beach

That evening, after I had recovered with a cup of coffee and a few cigarettes I went over to Mr. Grant’s house where I knocked on his front door.  He opened it after a few moments and stood there looking at me.  He was dressed in a button down shirt and tie, black slacks, and he smelled of cologne, something musky and subtle.  I looked up to him slightly and he smirked down at me.

“Hi there,” I said, “about the other day, I was, well, I’m sorry.”

“Thanks,” he said.  “I accept your apology.”

I was stunned by his easy acceptance and shifted on my feet.  I had my suspicions that he was gay but I wanted to get across that I was too, that there was some possibility of a relationship.  No, not a relationship I told myself, a friendship, but of course I was lying to myself, trying to not get myself too excited, too obsessed.

“Well, I just, I mean, it was a late night you know.  I was with this guy.  He’s not my boyfriend we just get together once in a while and we were drinking.”  I suddenly felt bad about lying to him.  “I was drinking,” I said, “and I had too much.”

“Sorry to hear that,” he said.  “But it looks like you recovered.”

He didn’t seem bothered or interested by what I had sad.  He seemed focused on something else.  I thought about the way he was dressed and realized he was probably headed to work.  I clenched my teeth and looked back over to my house.  I could hear the birds chirping and a jet airplane passing overhead. 

“Was that all?” he asked.

“No, uh, yeah, I guess.  I just wanted to thank you.”

“You’re welcome, but I really have to get going,” he said.

He began to close the door and I thought about the other night with my parents.  Would they have dinner again?  What would they talk about?  Would they talk about me?  I swallowed hard and felt myself speaking without really thinking about it.

“Just uh, well, my parents, you’re not going to tell them are you?”

“I hadn’t planned on it but I’m not going to lie to them,” he answered.

“Right, I wouldn’t ask you to do that it’s just, I mean they don’t really need to know.  I mean I’m an adult.  It’s not like they’d care.  I’ve been on my own now for long time and it’s not like they can really do anything.  I wasn’t doing anything wrong.”
He nodded.

“Well, okay then, thanks again,” I said as I extended my hand.

He took hold of it and I felt his warm skin.  It was the warmest, driest, firmest, softest, hand I had ever shaken.  He smiled at me and I smiled back.  I could smell him.  I wanted to stay there.  I wanted to touch him.  I wanted so much more.  But then he let go and stepped back into his house and closed his door.  I turned on my feet and shuffled my way back home, inside, and to the living room where I sat on the couch.  I didn’t really feel like doing anything, not even drinking.  I stared at the black flat screen and let my mind go blank. 

An hour later I managed to find a distraction by watching television, after that it was video games, and  quick jerk off before my parents got home.  We ate dinner together and I was feeling pretty good when I went up to my room to do some homework or find some other kind of entertainment when I heard a car door shut outside so I went to my window and looked over at my neighbor’s house.  I saw a black luxury car driving away and him making his way to his front door.  I watched as he unlocked it.  His head was down.  He stepped inside and closed the door.  I wanted to step away but I felt myself compelled to watch as lights went on inside the house.  It was a series of lights that allowed me to almost perfectly follow his movement until he was upstairs and then I lost him. 

I got my laptop, locked my bedroom door, turned off most of the lights and decided I needed another round.  I found some free porn, an erotica story, and worked myself to an orgasm inside a sock.  But it wasn’t the same.

After that I went about my life, did my homework, played some more video games, and eventually fell asleep.  The next day I awoke and jerked off again before using the bathroom and going down for breakfast.  Each of us usually did our own thing for breakfast and I was surprised to see my parents were eating.  My mother asked if I wanted her to cook me something but I said I would find something myself.  That usually consisted of a cereal bar or some other quick treat and a glass of orange juice and coffee before I went onto the front porch for a smoke.

This time I took my breakfast out with me and sat in the shade of the porch while I watched my neighbor’s house.  I started to think about how he was a stranger here and how he probably didn’t have friends or know much about where to go for things.  I began to think through my offerings and eventually made up my mind to go say hello.  He answered the door in a housecoat, in the gap at his chest I could see a white t-shirt.

“Good morning,” I said.

“Good morning,” he replied.

“Well, uh, yesterday, I mean I know I apologized but I really am sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it.  Just don’t make it a habit.”

I looked into his eyes and I saw sincerity there, and something else.  Was it concern?  Was it guilt?  I cleared my throat and decided to push on with my task. 

“Listen, you’re new here and I don’t know if you have many friends but I thought you might like to get out a do something.”

“With you?  Yeah, okay, that could be nice, but no drinking.”

“No drinking,” I said.

He stepped aside and invited me into his house.  I stepped inside and he closed the door behind me.  The place felt more home like than before.  I could smell breakfast.  It smelled like bacon and syrup.

“I just finished eating and was reading some files.  Have a seat on the couch and let me go get dressed,” he said.

Don’t on my account, I thought, but didn’t dare say it.  Instead I stepped further into his house to look into the dining room, the hallway, and then walked back to the couch where I sat.  It wasn’t long before he came back dressed in jeans and a white t-shirt.  I loved to feel Tucker’s muscles through that kind of fabric and was all ready having problems concentrating.

“What did you have in mind?”

“Well, I know about some museums, a theater, a good coffee shop, there’s the mall, or we could just walk around downtown.  I also know about a nature trail.”

“I don’t know,” he said.

“What about the beach?” I asked.

“Sounds great,” he said.

“Cool,” I said with a little disappointment. 

Of all the options it was my least favorite, my last choice.  I couldn’t swim and didn’t really like hot sand.  But then I thought about seeing him shirtless and I perked up.  I would go and just sit, maybe watch his stuff, and he could go swim. 

He drove and I gave him directions, even told him where to find a cheap parking lot.  We left our valuables in the glove compartment and headed to the beach.  I was having regrets even before we reached the sand but Mr. Grant was comfortable at the beach.  Maybe he was the type of man who was comfortable anywhere he went, I thought. 

He took off his shirt and I saw his muscled, hairy chest for the first time.  He had real definition, which to me was an unusual sight.  I was used to hairless, muscled guys in all of the porn, television, and ads I had seen but he was different.  I watched out of the corner of my eye as he put on sun tan lotion, skilled enough to get his back without help.  I wished he would have asked me.  I was still in my t-shirt and trunks as I sat there and showed no interest in doing the same.

“Are you going in?” he asked.

“No,” I said with a shake of my head.  “I can’t swim.”

“Oh, I thought, I mean you said the beach.”

“I just like to come down here to sit mostly, sometimes I step in the water if I’m feeling adventurous.”

“Oh, well, okay then,” he said.

He looked out to the water and I studied every movement of muscle in his body, the way they moved on his neck and sides as he looked.  He had a little bit of definition of abs to his stomach, a familiar v that cut down into his waistband.  He picked up a pair of sunglasses, put them, and began to look around.  I waited to see the small of his back, the shape of his ass, though is was barely defined by the fabric and the glare.

“Will you watch our stuff so I can go into the water then?”

“Of course,” I said.

He took off his sunglasses and put them down next to me before walking off towards the water.  He was patient with the surf, slowly waded out into the ocean.  I watched him disappear and sighed before I took out my cigarettes and lit one.  I smoked the first one without thinking of very much and was on my second when I saw four guys carrying a net and ball walk onto the sand not to far from me.  They were all muscular jocks.  They had a sense of comraderie.  I watched them talk as they set up the net.  It wasn’t long before their shirts came off and they started to hit a ball back and forth.  I had my sunglasses on and felt I was getting away with watching them when Mr. Grant came out of the water and made his way to me.

“Do you want to see if we can join them?” Mr. Grant asked.

“I don’t know,” I said.

“It’ll be fun,” he replied.

Mr. Grant walked away from me to the guys who stopped playing when he got close to them.  I watched them chat for a while, then all of the guys agreed.  They began to wave me over.  I got to my feet, walked to them. 

When I got there they each introduced themselves to me.  There was Leo, Trent, Parker, and Matt.  Parker was the cutest but Leo seemed to be the gayest.  We split into teams with Mr. Grant and I being on opposite teams.  I was never very good at volleyball but was doing my best to keep up.  When I missed the guys didn’t seem to mind because no one was keeping score.  It wasn’t long before my shirt felt like a hindrance being around everyone else.  I decided to make myself comfortable and took it off.

“Do you have any sunscreen?” Leo asked.

“Yeah,” I replied.

“Well,” he said.

“I’m fine.”

“No, no, time out guys,” he said.  “Come with me.”

I walked with him over to their supplies.  He picked up a tube of sunscreen, told me to hold out my hands.  I applied it carefully to my face.  He squirted more into my hands and began to touch my chest.

“We have to go faster than this,” he said, “turn around.”

I turned from him as he squirted lotion into his own hand, then closed the bottle.  He touched my shoulders first, moved down over my shoulder blades, traced his fingers along my ribs down to my hips, filled in the small of my back and worked his way up my spine.  He massaged everywhere he touched.  I was beginning to enjoy it when someone called out that we were taking too long.

“Get a cabin you two,” Trent said.

“If you’re going to make out get on with it all ready so we can get back to playing,” Matt said.

“We should hurry up,” I said.

“Don’t worry about them.  They’re just jealous.”

I felt his hands over me once more to make sure no spot was missed before he slapped me on the shoulder playfully and said I was done.  He jogged back to the guys and I slowly walked to them still rubbing the lotion around my body and my face.  I got back with my team and readied myself.  We played for another hour until everyone seemed to be exhausted.  The guys began to talk amongst themselves but I was unsure of whether to go to Mr. Grant or to Leo.  I decided Leo could be easiest and headed in his direction when one of the guys spoke up.

“Do you guys want to go for a drink?” Matt asked.

“Well, Shane here isn’t legal drinking age yet,” Mr. Grant said.

I bit my lip as I looked at him but he didn’t waiver.

“No problem, we could just get a bite to eat,” Trent said.

I gave Mr. Grant my most pleading look and he finally agreed we could go.  They told him where the place was, how to get to it, and where to park.  Mr. Grant thanked them and we got our stuff and headed to his car.  He followed the directions to the restaurant and we found a parking spot easily. 
When we got out of the car I followed him to the place and inside where he held the door for me.  The guys showed up seconds later more cheerful than they had been at the beach.  I guess they had gotten a second wind but I was starting to feel the effects of being in the sun. 

Because there were so many of us we were told it would take a while to get a table.  At first everyone tried to make the best of it, but one by one the guys started to excuse themselves to the restroom, each one taking a little longer than the last.  They whispered to each other and I suspected something was up until Leo motioned that I should go along with him. 

As we walked to the restroom Leo pulled me to a bar in the back that was hidden from Mr. Grant’s sight.  We walked up together and Leo ordered two shots of vodka.  The bartender didn’t even ask for our ID’s.  Leo took one and I took the other.  We downed them and asked for another which we downed.  I was dehydrated and hungry so the alcohol kicked in fast.  He put his arm around my shoulder and ushered me down the hallway to the private Men’s Room.  We went in together and he locked the door behind us.  I saw a urinal and a toilet.

My first thought was that we’d separate and maybe I’d get a look at his dick as he was zipping up but he had a different idea as he led me to the urinal.  He unzipped and I looked down to his dick.  He motioned for me to do the same.  I did.  He took my hand and placed it on his, then reached over and took hold of mine.  We began to pee at about the same time.  When we were done he kept hold of mine so I kept hold of his.

“So what’s the deal with you and the old guy?” he asked.

“He’s my neighbor,” I answered.

“So then, you’re not with him?”

“Not really,” I said.

“In a committed relationship?”

I shook my head.

“Want to fool around?”

I nodded.

“Come on,” he said.

I turned to him, readied myself for a kiss but he stopped me with a hand on each shoulder.  I knew what he wanted.  I got down on my knees.  His dick was average size but uncircumcised.  I peeled the foreskin back to find the head was slick.  I licked my lips and decided to make it as quick as possible.  His hands went to the back of my head and I readied myself for him to start pulling me farther down but he didn’t.  I reached around to his ass and grabbed hold of his cheeks as best I could.  I pulled him into me and too his dick as far as I could. 

A few more motions like that and he began to catch on to what I was initiating.  He began to work my face, spit formed in my mouth, dripped from my lips, ran down over his balls.  I worked him until I felt like we were taking too long so I took away my mouth, leaned against his thigh as I jacked his dick with my hand.  It didn’t take much more to make him orgasm and ejaculate over my shoulder and onto the floor.  He grunted and cried out in pleasure.  I stood up, moved in easily, and kissed him.  He began to feel my dick again but I stopped him.

“We don’t have time for that right now,” I said.

“That was fun,” he said.

I took his phone from his pocket, punched in my phone number, then saved it under my name.  I put it back.

“Call me any time,” I said.

“Thanks,” he said.

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