Thursday, July 17, 2014

Act Your Age Ch 07 - Naked In Time

Grant spanked me several more times with the hairbrush.  Each hit stung my butt but there was also another pain that lingered there, built up over time until I began to try and get away from it.  I tried moving a little closer to him.  It didn’t work.  I tried moving out over his knees but it didn’t work.  I tried to crawl over his lap onto the couch which he let me do a little, then he stopped me.  What I didn’t know was that I had left my thighs vulnerable.  It was a whole new area for him and that brush.
Somehow I thought he would stay focused on the bubble of ass but I was wrong.  He moved down to my thighs where the spanks weren’t as hard but seemed to sting more.  He worked them until I cried out in pain several times.  Was he trying to get me to cry?  Why wasn’t I crying?  I tried to force myself to do it.  If he heard me crying then he had to stop and show me some pity, but the feeling wouldn’t come. 

He stopped.  Half of me was on the couch, half of me was on his thighs, my feet stuck out into the air, useless.  He told me to stand up, helped me to my feet.  My rump burned so I reached back to grab it.  The skin was hot.  But I also realized how foolish I must have looked there with my limp dick, naked as the day I was born.

“Go over to the corner and stand there with your nose in it.  Don’t touch your butt.  In fact put your hands on your head and lace your fingers together.”

I walked away from him to the corner where he had indicated.  It was a place where he could watch me.  I was tempted just one touch of my rear but I stopped myself.  Instead I put my nose in the corner, hands on my head, and laced my fingers together.  Naked and vulnerable I stood there unsure of how long this additional punishment would be.  The spanking had been intense, thorough even, but not nearly as bad as I had thought, though it was still more than just a sample.  How long would the feeling last?  How many hours?  How many days?  I had never been spanked before and it felt like my ass had fallen off.

That’s when I heard him get up, leave the room.  I almost turned my head.  I almost dropped my hands.  I so badly wanted to break the rules, do my own thing, show my ability to resist, but I didn’t.  It was a good thing too.  He was back a moment later and he moved directly to me. 
“This is lotion,” he said.  “I’m going to rub this on your butt.  It will help heal the area.  Just stand there while I do this.”

The lotion was cool.  His hand was strong.  He worked it all over my butt, just barely into my crack, and then my thighs.  I thought for a moment he would work more between my cheeks.  I thought for a moment he would go so far as stick his finger inside me but he didn’t.  It was these thoughts and the rubbing that got me a little excited.  I got a chubby.

If only he could reach around, I thought.  I liked the use of lotion when masturbating.  But again he didn’t.  He finished spreading the lotion, then walked away from me back over to the couch where he sat.  I could feel him staring at me.  Was he studying my lean frame?  Was he noting the way my skin stretched up over my ribs as I had my hands on my head?  Was he marveling at the redness of my ass?  Did he enjoy my obedience? 

I lost track of time standing there until the muscles in my legs were sore, my feet ached.  It felt like I could lose control and fall into the corner, hit my nose.  My sides, my back, and my arms were beginning to go numb, and that’s when he told me to put my arms down, called me over to him.  He had a towel stretched out over his lap.  I thought for a moment he would give me another spanking but he told me to sit instead.  I was relieved until I did.  My thighs, the bottom of my butt stung as I did so.  It was a new kind of pain, the stretching of my weakened skin. 

My dick and balls between my thighs, my hands on my knees, and my feet barely on the carpet I sat there for a moment appreciating my continued nudity, my continued vulnerability, and the strength, the comfort of the man whose lap I was sitting on.  He reached around my back with his right arm, pulled me down to his shoulder.  I felt sad.  I felt relief.  I was in pain, yet it felt like something was leaving me.  What was leaving me?

“I want you to go home tonight and write up a list of everything you’ve been doing wrong.  I want you to write up a list of everything you want to improve.  Bring those two lists to me Monday night and we’ll talk about how we’re going to help you.  We’ll come up with a personal contract.  It won’t be legally binding but it should mean something to each of us.  While this contract is disciplinary in nature I don’t want you to think you have to misbehave to get my attention or my hand.  Do you understand me?”

“Yes sir,” I said.

I thought for a moment he was going to push me from his lap, tell me to get up and get out, but he didn’t.  I just lay there with my head on him until I fell asleep.  I don’t know how long I was there on his lap before he woke me and told me to get dressed.  He said he had important things to attend to and I did as well.  I thanked him for the experience, then once I was dressed I headed out of his house.  I stopped on the porch to light a cigarette but stopped myself.  I reached to my butt through my pants.  I could still feel it there and smoking was one of the things he said I was doing wrong.  I put the cigarette up behind my ear, walked home.

My house was exactly as I had left it, could have expected it to be.  My parents were in the living room watching television so I made my way to the kitchen where I made myself a sandwich that I took upstairs.  I felt thankful and lucky that my parents hadn’t said anything to me or approached me.  I wasn’t sure how I looked, sometimes I winced when I moved.

In my bedroom I took a pillow from my bed, put it on my desk chair, and sat but even that was too painful so I got up and went to my bed where I laid face down with the pillow under me.  Even being in that position reminded me of the feeling on my chest as I laid across his lap.  I took my phone from my pocket.  There were no missed calls or texts which wasn’t unusual for me, so I pulled up a writing app and made a list.  I started with the things he had mentioned and ended with an obvious choice.

1.) Get a Job
2.) Improve/Keep Up my grades
3.) Become a Safe Driver
4.) Quit binge drinking
5.) Quit Smoking
6.) Show Respect to My Parents and Elders
7.) Clean Room

After I had completed it, read it over, and felt like it was a good start I rolled over onto my back and thought back about what I had done only hours before.  I had been naked over another man’s lap and was spanked.  Not just spanked but made to stand in a corner naked, staring at the boring wall, and made to think, or at least I was supposed to think, about what I had done. 
I thought about his proposal.  I would be disciplined: spanked, have my mouth soaped, and who knew what else he could think of to do to me.  It sounded painful and yet it sounded attractive.  For once in my life there would be consequences.  Pain and discipline. 

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